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Mobile Home Park Redevelopment

This page will house the information regarding the potential move and redevelopment of Paynesville's mobile home park.

Council Agendas, Minutes, and Videos

6/22/2021 Working Session: Agenda     Minutes     Video
5/26/2021 Special Meeting: Agenda     Minutes
5/10/2021 Council Informational: Agenda     Minutes     Video
4/20/2021 Working Session: Agenda     Minutes     Video
4/12/2021(Not on agenda but discussed during the public open forum): Agenda     Minutes     Video
2/9/2021 Working Session: Agenda     Minutes     Video
10/5/2020 Working Session: Agenda     Minutes     Video
6/29/2020 Working Session: Agenda     Minutes     Video

Property Negotiations Board Agendas and Minutes

2/5/2021 Property Negotiations: Agenda     Minutes
1/29/2021 Property Negotiations: Agenda     Minutes
12/8/2020 Property Negotiations: Agenda     Minutes

Preliminary Cost Summary   Four Option Layout   East Option Layout   Northwest Option Layout

Letter to tenants May 3 2021
Meeting letter to tenants May 4 2021
Letter to tenants June 28 2021