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An Area For All Seasons 
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Lake Koronis Recreational Trail

The Lake Koronis Recreational Trail is a safe, non-motorized trail connecting the City of Paynesville and Lake Koronis. The trail will be over 20 miles long when completed. The final section will have the construction finished during the spring of 2013. Enjoy the beauty of the city and all that nature has to offer. The year long appeal of the trail will attract those of all ages and various fitness levels.

So, whether it's hiking, biking, jogging, in-line skating, or just a leisurely stroll; take a deep breath, reduce stress, lower your heart rate, and take a long look around at everything Paynesville and the surrounding area has to offer.

The historic Inidan Burial Grounds, Lake Koronis Regional Park and the sandy public beach, all of which rest along the trail, will provide you with hours of entertainment.

The Lake Koronis Recreational Trail also connects to the Glacial Lakes Trail by riding out over the Veteran's Drive bridge.

Click the link below to display a map of the trail. 
An Area For All Seasons